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Valentine's Day, the festival of lovers

Now, you may not know why Valentine’s Day is considered to be the festival of lovers, so let us tell you the story. This tale dates back to the pagan myth of Luperco, the god of fertility. Saint Valentine was a bishop living in Italy, who officiated a marriage between a Christian woman and a pagan man.
Though the couple wed for love, the marriage was considered both illegal and immoral, and Saint Valentine was executed as a result. This made him a martyr and he became known as the protector of lovers.
There are many versions of this story, but what matters to us most is to help you to make this wonderful day even more special by creating the perfect Valentine’s Day gift.

3 unforgettable ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day

1) Organize a romantic dinner
We believe that a delicious dinner, prepared with great care and attention, makes a wonderful impression. Create the right atmosphere by setting the table with beautiful personalised candles, and add some engraved glasses featuring the name and date. These will not only set the tone for dinner but also make beautiful keepsakes of your romance. Don’t forget to add some lovely bubbly champagne, for that finishing touch.

2) Share memories
The aim should, of course, be to share your love every day of the year, but take a moment on this special day of love to look back at all of the happy moments shared together. A great way to do this is by creating a personalised photo album, to flick through now and later on. If you wish to add an extra element of surprise, you can create a personalised photo puzzle, to do together. If you wish to mark the time spent together, a personalised watch can be a lovely way to do so.

3) Look to the future
Show your special someone that you’re looking forward to spending the future with them. Think of all the things you enjoy doing together. If you enjoy days out together, create a personalised bag for them to bring on your next adventure. If you’re not able to see each other as often as you’d like, a set of personalised pillowcases is the perfect way to think of each other every night. A classic way to carry your partner with you is to wear a piece of jewellery, so a personalised bracelet or pendant would be perfect.

There are so many original ways to create the perfect, romantic Valentine’s Day gift. The ideas above are just the tip of the iceberg, and we’re sure you can create the perfect Valentine’s Day for your partner and yourself.

Valentine's Day gifts for her

We have so many lovely gifts for Valentine’s Day, that you’re sure to find the perfect one for her. But why not try to add some depth to Valentine’s Day this year by going the extra mile?
Our day to day lives are often so hectic that we tend to forget, but if you strip it back to basics, love is simply a feeling that is expressed through gestures and words. This means that the thoughts behind your gestures are just as important as the gestures themselves.

Start by writing down some heartfelt words. Many poets and songwriters have gone before, and you can take inspiration from her favourite songs or movies. Adding your words to your gift, either on the gift or the card, is the perfect way to give your gesture that extra dimension.

Now put some real thought into selecting the right gift for her. What are her likes and interests? Keep those in mind, and remember that you know her best.

Finally, think about the perfect gifting moment. Which part of your day would be the best moment to present your gift? Timing this correctly can make maximise the impact and effect of your gift, and add an extra element of surprise.

Valentine’s Day gifts for him

There are many ways to spoil your man with beer, a tie, t-shirt or accessories. This year, why not go the extra mile and think of Valentine’s Day as an experience and let the gift be the cherry on top of a wonderful day together.

Start with the morning. Share a tasty breakfast in bed on a personalised serving tray, with a personalised mug. What a fabulous start to the day!

Leave romantic messages around the house, or even on his desk at work if you can, for him to find in the afternoon. This will allow him to think of you during the day and look forward to your evening together.

Once the evening arrives, toast your love with champagne and engraved glasses. A bit of bubbly is always good for setting the mood, and adding some delicious personalised chocolates will truly take the experience to another level.

Now, if you have no time in the morning or have to work during the day, an alternative idea is to recreate your first date in the evening. It’s a truly personal, thoughtful idea that should be relatively easy to execute and will remind them of those precious first moments when you fell in love.

Top 5 Valentine’s Day gifts of all time

Below are our favourite ideas for the perfect Valentine’s Day experience for you to share with your special someone.

1) Romantic dinner and champagne toast.

2) Chocolates and red roses.

3) Personalised cuddly toy featuring your photo.

4) Photo album filled with your favourite moments together

5) Personalised pendant featuring your photo and/or text.

How to create a truly personal, original Valentine’s Day

Add an element of surprise! Add a sweet message to a chocolate telegram, or write a heartfelt text on a puzzle for your partner to find while putting it together. These are both very cute and original ways to show how you feel about them. Another idea is to put together a treasure hunt that leads to your gift as the prize.

Celebrating Valentine’s Day when you’re single

Valentine’s Day is, in essence, simply a celebration of love. Long gone are the days when this day was only for those with partners or secret crushes, so why not use it as a moment to celebrate the love you have for your friends? Spoil your besties with some fun personalised socks, a lovely wellness gift set or a set of tea glasses to use when you share your next cuppa while putting the world to rights.