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A unique gift for him

Okay, we agree with you; finding a great gift for a man is not always easy. It can sometimes seem like men either can’t think of anything they’d like, or go completely the other way and can think only of big, expensive gifts, like a Ferrari. What can you do? Well, luckily we have plenty of great gift ideas for both big and smaller budgets. You can’t go wrong when you create a truly original, personalised gift that he’s guaranteed not to have yet!

A gift for your boyfriend

If you’re celebrating 6 months, a year, 2 years or even longer with your boyfriend, why not surprise him with a great gift? If you’re not sure what to get him, we understand; it can be a struggle to find the perfect gift. You want to give him something he’ll actually love and will actually use. Somehow, it seems that there are more great gift options available for women than for men, with all of the flowers, jewellery and chocolates out there. These are all gifts that show you care, along with a cuddly bear plush toy, or a fun key ring featuring a photo. It can be a lot more difficult to find something great for your boyfriend, though! Luckily, we have some ideas to help you out. How about personalised socks featuring a cool photo? Or personalised boxer shorts with your design? You can add a photo, your names or a photo of his idol. If you’d prefer to give him a sweet gift, have a plush toy key ring personalised with his or your name, or go for a cool metal key ring. He’ll think of you every time he grabs his keys.
If he enjoys a nice cold beer every now and then, gift him a personalised beer gift set with international, Dutch, Belgian or German beers. You can even add a personalised beer glass featuring his name.

A gift for your best friend

Your best friend is your best friend for a reason. He’s always there for you, you can call him in the middle of the night and he always offers a listening ear. These friendships are rare and tremendously valuable. Perhaps you wish to thank him for being him or to give him an original gift for his birthday. Why not give him something he will really like? So not just any old beer gift set, but a beer gift set with his very own name and/or photo on it? Or a beautiful wooden case with his drink of choice inside? You can add a photo to the lid to make it a truly personal gift. We have a choice of 8 different spirits to choose from, so there’s sure to be one he likes. Does he prefer whiskey? Then order a bottle of whiskey in a printed box! We even have some cool Peaky Blinders gift sets with rum, gin or whiskey and a personalised glass. If you’d like to thank your bestie for everything he does for you, you could give him a tasty chocolate gift. Send him a chocolate telegram with a personal message. If he’s a bit of a chocoholic, you could even go with an XXL Toblerone bar, weighing no less than 4.5 kilos!!

A gift for your husband or partner

Choosing a gift for your partner can be very difficult, as you really wish to make him happy. It doesn't need to be as difficult as you think, as personalising your gift with the photo and/or text of your choice is an easy but thoughtful way to make your gift special.
At YourSurprise we offer lots of lovely gifts for you to personalise. How about a nice mug, a canvas or a wall clock? A cool personalised mug featuring a photo of both of you will become his new favourite mug, for sure. Especially if you fill it with his favourite tea or coffee in the mornings. Our magic mug is another great gift idea, as it is black to start out with, and reveals a personalised design underneath when filled with a hot drink for a real surprise! If your partner has a sweet tooth, he will love a Milka heart featuring his name and photo. If he enjoys cooking or getting the BBQ out when it’s sunny, we would recommend our leather apron engraved with his name. If you’re looking for a gift with a sentimental touch, put together a personalised photo album of your adventures and look forward to having new ones.

Gift for a friend or colleague

Are you looking for a little something to surprise or thank a friend or colleague? It doesn't always have to be a big or expensive gift. For many people, it truly is the thought that counts. Our personalised chocolate gifts are perfect for this, as they can be personalised for any occasion. If you want to surprise or joke with a colleague, you can have cool shirts printed with a personal text and/or photo.

Gift for dad

You may want to thank your dad for everything that he does for you. Helped renovate your house? Picks you up from a sports club or school every day? Spent hours helping you do a school assignment? We have a lot of fun gifts for fathers, featuring designs especially for them!

Gifts for men of any age

We know that some people are looking for gifts for men of a specific age, so we’ve listed a few ideas per age group below to help you along. The danger here is that it can be easy to fall back on stereotypes, which not all men will be happy about. We do still want to help you, so we’re going to do it anyway. The men in your life don’t belong in a certain box, but it may just help you go in the right direction to find your perfect gift.

Gifts for men under 20

Give the men in this category a cool gift that they can use for their first home or when they leave for college or uni. An engraved beer glass featuring their name, a set of engraved water glasses or a huge coffee mug for enough coffee to last them all day. Another fun idea is a personalised pair of socks, featuring his most embarrassing photo.

Gifts for men under 30

Surprise a man in this category with a delicious beer gift set filled with tasty beers. If he enjoys BBQ-ing, give him a personalised pair of leather BBQ gloves, or an engraved leather apron.
If he has a little one on the way, we offer lots of great gifts to congratulate him with, such as a baby romper featuring ‘best dad’ or a cool plate that says ‘dad is my hero’.

Gifts for men aged between 30 and 40

A nice bottle of red wine often goes down a treat with men in this age category. You can personalise the bottle of wine with a label, or a wooden wine case. If the recipient is a wine connoisseur, go for a wine gift set.
Alternatively, you could go for a nice bottle of whisky, which we can also personalise for you.
If neither of those options work, you could give him a beautiful personalised canvas, a real eye-catcher for his home. Surprise those who love cooking with an engraved leather apron to wear while whipping up the tastiest dishes.

Gifts for men aged between 40 and 50

Wine or whiskey are great options for this age category, so personalise your gift with their name or a cool photo to make it truly unique. You could opt for engraved wine glasses, beer glasses or whisky glasses. If he likes a challenge, go for a beer brewing kit.

Gifts for grandpa

If you’d like to tell your dad he’s going to be a grandfather, or are looking for a gift for someone who is already a grandpa, give him a gift featuring a photo of his grandchild(ren). How about a lovely biscuit tin filled with homemade biscuits? And if you’d like to let him know he’s a grandpa-to-be, send him a chocolate telegram, or our cool ‘Guess what?!’ book.

Gifts for men who love to cook

Many women are on the hunt for gifts for cool guys, and we have plenty on offer in our assortment. How about a cool leather BBQ apron, engraved with his name? Or engraved leather BBQ gloves so he can be safe when cooking up a feast?

Gifts for men who enjoy a drink every now and then

If your guy likes a drink every now and then, surprise him with a bottle of red or white wine. Personalise the label or a wooden wine case for the perfect personal touch.
Our whisky gifts always go down a treat too, with a personalised wooden case or engraved glass.

Gifts for men who like beer

If the man in question has a taste for beer, give him his very own beer brewing kit with engraved beer glasses, or a beer gift set including international, Dutch, Belgian or German beers in a personalised box. Combine this gift with beautiful engraved beer glasses featuring his name.

Gifts for men with a sweet tooth

If he has a sweet tooth, we have the perfect gift: a 4.5 kilo Toblerone bar, personalised with his name! Let’s see how long that lasts him.

Gifts for active men

If he spends lots of time at the gym, running or playing a team sport, surprise him with a personalised football, sports shirt or water bottle.

Typical gifts for men

In short, men consider these to be good gifts:
* A beer gift
* A spirits, wine or whisky gift
* Personalised chocolate with photo, name and/or text
* A 4.5 kilo personalised Toblerone bar
* An engraved leather apron
* Cool leather BBQ gloves
* Personalised socks
* Personalised boxer shorts
* A personalised water bottle
* A personalised sports shirt
* A personalised mug
* A personalised football

Spread a little happiness

We believe that gifts make people happy. Not just receiving gifts, but giving them, too. Show him how much he means to you, or thank him for all that he does for you. We are sure that you can create a lasting memory with a beautiful personalised gift. Spread a little happiness!